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Consent policy

We at untamed nights believe consent is key for everyone to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment. We are passionate about looking after our guests and providing an environment that all can enjoy, whether experienced or

new to the lifestyle. This policy explains what we mean and our expectations for all guests.

So, what does that mean for our guests?
CONSENT MUST BE SPOKEN OUT LOUD, this does not include eye contact, nodding, smiling or any other expressions or gestures.
We expect all our guests to be polite with each other. Please try not to take rejection personally.
Consent examples –
May I watch? May I touch? May I join in?
Would you like to watch? Would you like to touch? Would you like to join me/us?
A verbal yes to “may I watch” does not give consent to touch.
Consent must be agreed in advance or clearly asked for at the time. It must be between all parties involved.
Responsibility must be taken by all parties involved to be clear in what the consent covers.
Consent may be withdrawn by anyone at any time. Guests must take responsibility for withdrawing consent, a
simple no should stop play immediately, unless a safe word has been agreed in place of the word no. If you feel
unable to say no during play we strongly advise you against giving consent.
At untamed nights a closed door is to be left closed by guests. We do have staff floor walking, they may knock to
check if everyone is OK.

Breach of Consent
If consent is breached please feel you can say so immediately, it’s perfectly acceptable to stop and explain that
consent has not been given. This is the most effective way to help someone understand the rules. Please also notify
a member of staff as quickly as possible.
If you feel unable to speak directly to someone, please contact the UN team via phone, WhatsApp or email giving as
much information as possible.
Each report is taken seriously and followed up with all involved
We reserve the right to refuse future admission for both members and non members,
either for a period of time or permanently.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Consent Policy, You can contact us:

By email:

By phone number: 07711 064645

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